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Вторник 25 Июн

Юлия И., 20 лет, Самара


Lemania College, Швейцария
Зима 2007, 4 недели (интенсивный курс английского языка)

I spent really wonderful time in Switzerland while studying at Lemania College in Lausanne! With no doubt I can say that I have only positive impressions after visiting this country.

At first some words about Switzerland. In my opinion this beautiful country is perfect in all ways. We can't compare it with our country because it's another world, another culture and traditions, another people live here. And the main thing which is very important for me is that their way of life is quite.

I had one month English preparatory course in Lemania college in Lausanne. Lausanne is a beautiful town which is situated in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. It's welcoming and also suitable place to study. Lemania college is situated in the heart of a town. The surroundings are very comfortable for students, it's only 10 minutes walking distance from the Central Lausanne Station and 10 minutes walking distance from the Place Saint-Francois - the city's modern commercial centre. A lot of students from different parts of the world study in Lemania. I enjoyed my group very much because it was very friendly. It consisted of seven persons. It was really interesting and new for me to socialize with people from different countries. My course was intensive and I had seven lessons per day: five in the morning and two after lunch. All my teachers were British and I can say that they were excellent. The methods of teaching are also different from ours, but to my mind they are more effective and right, because after the course my English has improved. During the study I lived in Lemania boarding school. I also had my own room and all necessary facilities to live and to study.

Another important thing that I did there was my visit to Swiss International Tourism Management University (SITMU). SITMU is situated in Sion, the town which is smaller than Lausanne and it takes almost one hour to get there. Firstly I was impressed by the place where the university is situated. It's a quite fascinating place surrounded by beautiful mountains. Every building is punctually located in the area of SITMU. The buildings where students study are modern and well-equipped. They were built only four years ago. There are light class-rooms which are intended for fifteen people, all necessary equipment, a big library with great variety of books and also rooms for teachers and professors. Students live in the houses which are situated near the university. There are two rooms in each of them. One room is intended for one or two persons. They are very comfortable and there are also all facilities in them.

Though Sion seems to be boring for young people still it's very suitable for studying. As for me it has got wonderful atmosphere to study and to achieve success because it's not a noisy place and there is nothing what can disturb you from your lessons.

During my visit to Switzerland I met new people, made new friends and now I am sure that

I would like to study there. If somebody decides to study abroad, my advice is to think about Switzerland. Its life attracts me very much and I think I'll have no problems studying, living and communicating there!

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